MACAROONS - My Failed Attempt


EEEEKKKKK!!!! Disaster!!!!!

So Weekend gone, I figured I will  get my ‘bake on’ and decided to make Macaroons. I love, love, love macaroons (just so you know :) lol lol )                   The recipe seemed easy enough,so I thought, until my macaroons just looked like a soft gooey mess ;( ;(


The recipe I followed said to include the essence or flavouring and food colouring to the egg white mixture…..but i should have realised something was wrong when my egg white mixture was no longer fluffy *handsovereyes* silly me, I still carried on…

After my horrendous attempt I searched for more recopies and those recipes said ‘DON’T’ add the colour or essence to the egg white mix add them to the sugar and almond mix then fold in egg whites #lesssonlearnt  (well i am guessing this is where I went wrong)

I will be attempting this again until i get it right. :)…i also think i am going to be using a different colour this time ,my red food colouring looked like a dirty brown…

That’s cooking and baking for you…trial and error… :) 



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  • 2 years ago